ABN is working to strengthen efforts for new business opportunities, knowledge gathering and establishing new business relationships. This is also reflected in the ABN membership circle, which represents a wide range of industries, institutions and organizations, all of which have an Arctic / North Atlantic / Greenlandic focus in their work.

ABN represents a variety of industries - both suppliers, construction industry, logistics, consultants, trade and service sectors, kommunication, PR and marketing as well as providers of education and training.

ABN also has a wide range of stakeholders in Greenland and Denmark among others universities, local business councils- and centers, municipalities and other organizations.

Become a member

Benefits for members

Research show that the more active a company is in ABN, the more YOU get out of it

As a member of the Arctic Business Network, you gain access to all the network's conferences and meetings, as well as the opportunity to participate in ABN's network groups. We focus on individual industry's opportunities for development and growth. ABN offers meetings, seminars and conferences with current topics, as well as study trips and access to knowledge of large and small events and initiatives in the Arctic

Through the network you get access to the latest knowledge and trends in the Arctic business environment, including through the network's news and meetings with leading researchers and experts.

But most importantly, the Arctic Business Network is an active network where you can share knowledge and gain new contacts to develop, finance and execute your Arctic project.

Also attend online meetings online!

ABN offers online participation at several network meetings and events. Prior to a registered event, a link to online participation will be sent.

Online participation can not and should not in any way replace physical networking meetings - but this provides opportunities and value for all members who are physically / geographically unable to attend meetings. With online participation, it is still possible to share knowledge and debate in the network, as well as get new inspiration for developing your own business.

Annual fee

Annual fee excl. VAT.

1-5 employees DKK.  2.750,00
6-10 employees DKK.  5.500,00
11-20 employees DKK. 11.000,00
20-50 employees DKK. 22.000,00
Over 50 employees DKK. 33.000,00

Institutions, authorities and similar with more than 50 employees is set at DKK. 27,500.00.

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