Grønlands VVS

Branche: Construction, Building Supplies & Utilities


Beskrivelse af forretningsområde/områder:

Greenland Plumbing was founded in 1972, and has since then carried out work all over Greenland.

Arktiske kompetencer og erfaringer: 

Greenland Plumbing has solved largescale tasks in connection with airport construction (e.g. Nuuk Airport), shipyards (e.g. Nuuk Shipyard), housing blocks and public institutions.We have a great deal of experience in the industry, and continually provide ongoing further training for our staff, so that they are ready to perform all kinds of tasks. We combine tried and tested craftsmanship with the latest technology. We concentrate on environmentallyfriendly, energy-efficient solutions.

Consult with us from the start – our core competency is operating under arctic conditions!
Brief description of competencies and services
• All forms of plumbing work: water, sanitation, drains and sewerage
• All forms of metalwork
+ work in stainless steel
+ assembly and fitting
• Ventilation systems
• District heating
• Geothermal heat
• Solar heating: solar panels and solar thermal collectors
• Environmentally-friendly and energyefficient heating of houses in Greenland using oil-fired electric boilers
(interruptible electrical heating)
Give us a task – we will solve it


Greenland Plumbing
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