Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland



Beskrivelse af forretningsområde/områder:

GEUS is an independent and internationally oriented research institution within the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate. GEUS acts as consultant to authorities and industry within water, energy and mineral resources and in relation to nature, climate and environment. GEUS is responsible for the scientific exploration of the geology in Denmark and Greenland including shelf areas. GEUS maps, acquires and monitors data, informs the public about geological matters and is Denmark’s and Greenland’s geological data centre. GEUS has a staff of c. 300 of which 220 hold a Ph.D. or M.Sc. degree; 70 Ph.D. students and many M.Sc. students are attached to GEUS for research training.

Arktiske kompetencer og erfaringer:

- Geological, geophysical and geochemical mapping
- Mineral resources assessment
- Remote sensing, geochronology and applied mineralogy
- Delineation of continental shelf areas
- Oil and gas resources assessments
- Development and marketing of oil-exploration models
- Stratigraphic, sedimentological and paleontological studies
- Seismic surveys and data interpretation
- Water resource management and hydropower assessment
- Technical glaciology and ice and climate assessment
- Monitoring of the Greenland Ice Sheet
- Marine geological mapping and environmental studies
- Paleoenvironmental studies

Medlem af ABN fordi:

To promote collaboration and partnerships between research institutes, the business community and the authorities, and thereby applying GEUS' knowledge to create growth and a sustainable development in Greenland and the Arctic.



GEUS Danmark
Øster Voldgade 10 
1350 København K 
Tlf: 38142000 



c/o Grønlands Naturinstitut 
Postboks 570 
3900 Nuuk, Grønland 
Tlf: +299 36 12 62 
Mobil: +299 56 23 65 



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